Men’s sports shoes Running Jogging the GYM Room Very light BLACK WHITE



Our passionate fitness team has developed these shoes for you who are starting to work out indoors. Do you want to have good shoes to start fitness? Our sports shoe accompanies you during all your sessions. Flexible, light and shock-absorbing, it will become your essential.

Our fitness shoes have been specially designed for the practice of cardio fitness. However, they are suitable for treadmill running but limited use. Indeed, if you want to warm up on a mat before and / or after a class, the shoes will be suitable for use. However, if your exclusive practice is running on a treadmill or outdoors, it is strongly recommended for safety reasons that you use shoes designed for running.

  • Perfect to start sport
  • PRODUCT SUPPORT: Midsole higher on the side and reinforcement that wraps the heel.
  • The dense sole protects your body from impact during your fitness exercises.
  • MULTIDIRECTIONAL FLEXIBILITY: Move in all directions with the HX FLEX system.


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